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FOLKSY: Stock Up Your Shop for FREE!

Folksy is a handmade marketplace which is only open to people who are based in the UK and only to people who sell handmade goods or craft supplies - no 'vintage' and no resellers. This bank holiday weekend, you can open and fill a shop on for free; the offer for 20 free listings ends on Monday, 30th of May, at midnight!

Usually when you open your shop on Folksy, you get 3 free listings, but this weekend Folksy are giving everyone, existing shops and new, 20 listings for free. Fill your Folksy shop without spending a penny! How do you get the free listings? You don't need any codes, Folksy have just turned off the listing fees for everybody until midnight on Monday, 30th of May! This is the perfect time to open a shop and get some of your handmade work online! You will be able to edit the images and text for the entire 4 months the items are listed, and it won't cost you anything if you list them this weekend.

By Charlie's Hand

Is Folksy right for you? Do you want your work to be on a site where they only sell handmade? Folksy was created with the aim of showcasing the work of British designers and makers. Launched in 2008, Folksy has grown to become the most popular UK site for handmade craft and limited-edition designs. Folksy is all about handmade. Folksy don’t do vintage or mass-produced products, they ‘do’ Folksy because they love craft and design, and because Folksy want to support people using their creativity and talent to make beautiful work.

Red Hand Gang

Folksy is a handmade marketplace that will champion your products so just get in touch with us if you have questions - The only thing Folksy asks is that your products are high quality, definitely handmade and that for you, like the team at Folksy, customer service is your top priority.

Folksy is run by a small team based in Sheffield, so every penny stays here in the UK. Folksy is the UK's largest handmade only marketplace with over 5,400 creative people selling their work. Folksy are passionate about getting their work seen and sold, and helping them develop and grow their crafts businesses. 

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