Huiyi Tan - a custom service

With nearly 5,000 sales and an excellent five star rating on Etsy, UK Handmade portfolio member, jewellers Huiyi Tan have a wealth of experience in making customers happy.

Huiyi Tan is the creation of Huiyi and David. Together they design and hand make jewellery from their small home studio in Cornwall. In addition to a range of nearly 200 unique designs, they offer a custom made service whereby they’ll create new designs for their customers upon request. Huiyi tells us the story behind one special piece.

Huiyi Tan

We LOVE custom service! If it is not beyond our capability, we have no limit at all on what we can offer.

When commissioning a piece of custom made jewellery, first the potential customer will let me know what he or she wants to be made. Sometimes they will show me some images or drawings or describe in words what they would like. Then I will start discussing the details with David and he will draw some images to show the customer and discuss with him or her. After several exchanges of ideas and revising the designs, I will start making the item. Once it's done, I’ll send some pictures to the customer so they can approve it before it’s dispatched. After making customized pieces I normally think about what kind of inspiration I got from this piece and the process of making it. With this experience, I go back and review my standard items to see if there is anything I can improve.

UK Handmade, Huiyi Tan - snowflake

The key part of the whole process is listening to the customer; listening to what my customers want is the most important philosophy for my everyday job. To give you an example, some feedback I received recently has a very heart warming story behind it. "My mum and I love our matching necklaces. Thank you for helping me "regift" something special!"

UK Handmade, Huiyi Tan - sausage dog

It began with a request I received earlier in August. An American lady's mother had a piece of jewellery passed down to her. It was a tiny thin gold lucky clover. She was born on St. Patrick's Day. When she was 12 her mum passed it on to her. Being 12, it broke quickly and for Mother's Day she sent it off to a jeweller who later lost that precious piece of necklace. That was in 1989.

UK Handmade, Huiyi Tan - clover

Recently the lady came across my work and found that my design was the closest she's ever seen since then. So she asked me to make her two matching clover necklaces in 9ct yellow gold for her to gift to her mother on her mother's birthday. When she came to me, it was only two weeks before the birthday and they needed to go to the States. I put everything down and worked over that weekend. Her special necklaces were finished within four days and nicely gift wrapped to make them on time and ready for the special date. They brought a smile to both her mum’s and her face after almost 30 years! We love to help.

UK Handmade, Huiyi Tan - dragon

To see more of Huiyi Tan’s jewellery, follow and buy, visit their website, Facebook page and Etsy shop.


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