Kokomelt - Artisan Skincare

UK Handmade - Kokomelt exfoliating cubes

What is Kokomelt artisan skincare? Deborah Spink of the UK Handmade Makers Directory explains its creation.


UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

I initially developed Kokomelt for personal home use. The creams began as an eczema/post gym repair cream for myself after bodybuilding training. I had suffered years of hand skin problems and lifting heavy weights was making it worse. I had tried using gloves but they caused a lot of bacteria build up and didn't allow my hands to breathe and feel the weights as I needed to train efficiently.

Using water as the main ingredient in most products, combined with oils, involves the use of emulsifiers and parabens, which can have a drying effect on the skin. After lots of research and home experiments, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin when using pure plant or seed oils and butters.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

After all, most people buying cosmetics have access to water and nobody should have to pay to dampen their skin, especially if it involves the addition of harmful chemicals.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

Kokomelt products are paraben (preservative) free, and free of emulsifiers, as they are natural, oil based products. You can still use Kokomelt oils/butters without dampening your skin, but to lock in moisture it is best used on damp skin allowing the oils/butters to act as an emollient. With the creams I developed you will only need to use a pea size amount, as a little goes a long way.


UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

The original initial oily liquid scrub I begun with was too messy, so I developed the recipe into Sugar Scrub Cubes, making them easy to grab and use without over thinking or dipping your hands in and out of the scrub. These are made with Dark Muscovado Fair Trade Sugar, plant, fruit or seed oils and are Soap-free. Black pepper corns, pink salt, gold leaf etc are added to the different cube recipes, to add smell or varied textures, as well as being infused with essential oils to make this range exciting.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

I hand press and hand cut all the cubes to keep the original Artisan feel.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt exfoliating cubesUK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

All the packaging and labelling is done by hand and a great deal of thought has gone into designing and improving our products consistently to make them interesting, stay fresh and easy to use.


UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

The Kokomelt kitchen is ever expanding our recipes and we hope you will follow and enjoy our journey, products and give-aways! We use as many Organic (Soil Certified) and Fair Trade products as we can source, plus we are cutting back on PET jars and using more tins

Please recycle and reuse tins where possible. 

We do not buy any ingredients that have been tested on animals nor do we test our products on animals, only on our friends ... who are humans!


Kokomelt artisan skincare -

3 ranges:

  • Post-Gym-Kit -If you live an active lifestyle and eat clean, then you care what is absorbed by your skin. This range was the original starting point.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

  • Spa -Bring the spa home. Developed for those wishing to have an invigorating spa treatment at home with pure oils, butters and lightly infused with Lavender to help relaxation.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt artisan skincare

  • Gold Collection -A little luxury is good. This range is for those who love opulence, as the cubes contain rose oil and pink Himalayan salt or gold leaf for absolute luxury.

UK Handmade - Kokomelt luxury artisan skincare

Kokomelt, catering for all different lifestyles while keeping everything natural, pure and affordable, like it should be.


To find out more visit Kokomelt.com and Kokomelt on facebook.


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