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Gemma of Little Gems Jewels from the UK Handmade Makers Directory explains the magic of gemstones.

Being somewhat of a magpie I tend to regard gemstones as Mother Nature’s treasures. Naturally occurring within the earth as crystals and minerals, or organically formed like pearls and amber, each and every gemstone is unique … a little gift to us from the world around us. They have an enduring natural beauty which cannot fail to appeal to the heart and the eye.

Gemstones have been used for centuries to create tools, talismans, decoration and jewellery. Each stone is believed to have special properties which can help with various dilemmas of body, mind or soul. This gemstone lore has been documented by writers and lapidaries since before the Common Era from numerous cultures. The ancient Egyptians, for instance, prized Lapis Lazuli and used it to produce the scarab beetle jewels that were buried with their dead for protection and rebirth. The ancient Greeks rubbed Hematite over their bodies for protection before they went into battle. The Navajo used Turquoise in their jewels to bring good fortune.

Whilst I’m not about to rub myself with Hematite and think I am invincible, I do believe in the positive properties that gemstones have to offer us today, hence why I feel drawn to use them in my jewellery designs. The gemstone meanings that influence my pieces are those that have stood the test of time as well as having a resonance with 21st century life. With our increasingly hectic lifestyles I like to think that by wearing gemstones we are creating our own modern talisman of positivity and strength every day.

My favourite gemstones for Peace & Harmony:

Amethyst – Is thought to focus energy and promote mental harmony.

Fluorite – Is believed to help calmness and clarity of mind, whilst enhancing learning and concentration.

Labradorite – Is understood to strengthen intuition and reduce stress or anxiety

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My favourite gemstones for Love:

Rose Quartz – Is known as “The Love Stone” and thought to enhance love in all aspects of life, romantic, family and friendship.

Hematite – Is believed to help strengthen and improve relationships.

My favourite gemstones for Protection:

Agate – Is renowned as the best stone for protection and is thought to attract strength.

Turquoise – Is one of the oldest used stones for protection and believed to bring about good fortune.

Gemstones have also been widely used as a symbol of wealth and standing in society through ancient and modern culture. Precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires have dressed royalty, embellished religious artefacts, been sought out by the wealthy and aspired to by the not so wealthy. However, the distinction between what were traditionally viewed as precious gemstones and “lesser” semi-precious gemstones is becoming outmoded as the value, quality and popularity of all gemstones continues to rise.

A variety of different semi-precious gemstones are now regularly used by both the high end designers and the fashion retailers to accessorise the on trend colours for each fashion season. In 2016 one of the must-have Pantone colour combinations is rose quartz and serenity; gorgeous soft pastel hues of pink and blue which are perfect for Spring/Summer. With this tranquil colour palette in mind I have combined Rose Quartz and Amazonite gemstones in several of my designs this year to achieve this desirable Pantone trend.

Today there is a wealth of beautiful genuine gemstones available to suit all budgets, so whether you use your gemstone jewellery to sooth your soul, adorn your crown, or accessorise your wardrobe, just make sure that you enjoy the unique beauty of your treasure from Mother Nature.

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