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MEET - Farah Qureshi

Today we meet London based Jewellery Designer, Farah Qureshi who travels around the world for her inspirations and materials to create her beautiful jewellery. 



What is your background?

I made my first piece of jewellery many years ago on a Summer course and then later went onto train in three dimensional design and metalwork at art college specialising in jewellery.

Farah silver bangle

What has inspired your Spring / Summer collection? 

My latest collection has a few facets to it. A few of the designs have been inspired by photos I took while visiting a local botanical garden in London. The plant forms inspired different pieces such as earrings, necklaces and pendants and brooches. Some of the forms look twig like and some of the shapes are irregular and are either textured or smooth. Another idea came from a past visit to Dorset and barbed wire I saw in relation to the natural landscape, the twisted wire has been shaped into both hoops and bangles, smooth wire combines with twisted forms to create classic pieces. I have created ankle chains and the inspiration for these comes from previous collections where I have incorporated a tear drop motif and the infinity symbol. In the new collection the tear drop shape forms links and the infinity symbol forms the feature of an ankle chain. Hair slides have also been created which have also been inspired by natural forms and have been made in wire.

farah silver pendant

Which gems do you use in your pieces? 

I have made a variety of different pieces for SS 2016 and some of the pieces are embellished with gem stones such as, emeralds, sapphires, garnets and pearls.

Please describe your process.

I always start the design process by brainstorming a few ideas. I keep notes of ideas as I think of them. I then explore the ideas further by taking photos or drawing sketches. The next stage is to develop the designs by working in paper or card creating models or by drawing designs, with some detail. Once the design stage is complete the next phase is to develop samples which form the basis of a collection.

What shows have you got coming up? 

I will be taking part in Dazzle which is an amazing jewellery exhibition in August and takes place during the Edinburgh festival in Scotland. In November I will be joining a group of jewellery designer makers at Number Ninety Four a beautiful jewellery gallery on Colombia road in Shoreditch, London.

What key pieces are you working on? 

At the moment I have been working on new samples for the next season, which have been laser cut in brass and will form a variety of different pieces. I am also at the design stage for some new creations as well as taking some cast carved pieces in silver further, creating necklaces and pendants.

What is your colour palette for Spring / Summer? 

My new pieces have been made primarily in silver however can be made in gold as well. There are accents of colour with in some of the jewellery such as deep dark indigo blue, bright vivid green, fuchsia pink, orange, black which is iridescent and cream.

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