REVIEW: The Creative Home

Review by Bebe Bradley

Front cover of the book The Creative Home

Whether you reside in a compact city flat, bustling family home, a coastal or country retreat, 'The Creative Home' hopes that, within its pages, you will find the inspiration required to help you achieve your ideal living space. 

London-based author Geraldine James began her career in fashion as a ‘designer buyer’. Moving from fashion into home and giftware, she has developed a passion for collecting and finding unusual and beautiful things, and is now a ‘home’ buying manager for Selfridges. She is the author of three previous books, Creative Walls, Creative Display and Creative Spaces, and Creative Home features images and text from all three.

Inside image taken from The Creative Home showing a kitchen

There are five chapters and each feature homes and rooms of varying styles. You’ll find the sleek and the minimal alongside eclectic collections of absolutely everything and anything. There are contemporary rooms furnished with thrifty and vintage buys, beside renovated homes where no expense has been spared.

Inside image taken from The Creative Home showing a dining room

'Cook and Eat' features kitchens and dining spaces, 'Relax and Socialize' covers living rooms, 'Work and Create' is all about home offices and studios, and 'Sleep and Bathe' shows bedrooms and bathrooms. Last but not least, 'Store and Display' demonstrates how different areas in the home can be used to contain and present your collections. Geraldine encourages you to, “Experiment with colour, materials and arrangements, until what you see is a true reflection of you and what you love”.

Inside image taken from The Creative Home showing a bedroom

Every home or room in this book has been furnished and decorated with an obvious style and a conscious attention to detail. According to Geraldine, all of the homeowners have taken into account, “focus, proportion and functionality, but have always kept at the heart of their design what makes their house feel like a home”. As you can well imagine, this book is absolutely stuffed with shots of interiors, but I am pleased to say that the homes are not over-styled. The ideas on show here are more than attainable for your ordinary, every-day home-decorating reader. There are plenty of rooms featured where you can easily envision yourself sitting comfortably, and translate into the styling of your own home.

Inner image taken from The Creative Home showing a bathroom

With an eclectic mix of stylish homes to draw inspiration from, this will make a great source book for those looking to rearrange or update their home décor, and an ideal addition to your coffee table collection.


The Creative Home by Geraldine James
Photography by Andrew Wood © CICO Books
Published by CICO Books
RRP: £19.99

ISBN-10: 1782493581
ISBN-13: 978-1782493587