REVIEW: Sew Your Own Dolls

Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art

Front cover of the book Sew Your Own Dolls

Now, we love sewing and we absolutely love making dolls! In fact a couple of years ago, I made a complete “doll in a box set” for my daughter - it was fabulous - she still has it today and it is much loved and played with. So when I saw this new “Sew Your Own Dolls” book was up for review, I jumped at the chance. Call me bias, but the book is gorgeous.

Image from Sew Your Own Dolls showing the doll Ruby

If you love sewing and you love making toys – whether they are for you or for kids, you will love these darling dolls. My daughter who is seven confiscated the book when it arrived and disappeared with it for a week! When she eventually re-emerged she asked every day for the following week whether we could “start sewing now” – because the book is that lovely.

It is not actually a book for 7 years olds, it will be me that ends up doing all of the sewing, but it has totally captured her imagination and I know she will be able to help me here and there, really stoking the fire for her love for sewing. 

Image from Sew Your Own Dolls showing the doll Edie

Although we haven’t started any of the dolls yet, I did feel inspired by one the smallest details – a little felt hair flower, which I couldn’t resist turning into a simple felt flower ring, just showing that dolls aside there is a lot of creative inspiration in this book that you can take elsewhere. One of the dolls wears a darling headband for example and it would look fabulous on my daughter if it were bigger. The same doll sports a wonderful tassle bag and that would be an easy accessory for my 7 year old to make for one of her other toys.

Image from Sew Your Own Dolls showing the doll Anna

The only trouble we really have now is deciding on which doll to make first. I think my daughter adores Anna and her funky glasses, but I quite like arty Zara with her paint pallet and painting smock? We will have to have a good rummage through our felt and fabric stash to see which doll we end up making.

Image from Sew Your Own Dolls showing the doll Zara

This is a gorgeous and delightful book full of inspiration and gorgeous doll designs. 


Sew Your Own Dolls by Louise Kelly
Published by CICO Books
RRP: £12.99
ISBN-10: 1782494243
ISBN-13: 978-1782494249

Photography by Geoff Dann © CICO Books