REVIEW: String Craft

Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art

Front cover of the book String Craft

I’ve read lots of instructional craft books but they are usually about fairly common crafts such as knitting or sewing, so it was nice to find a book dedicated to a more unusual topic, string! I was instantly attracted to the front cover - that notebook is simply gorgeous - and once I delved in, I wasn’t disappointed. I love how although this is a type of sewing book, it isn’t about traditional sewing. Not that I mind traditional sewing, but string sewing is a great way for those who don’t think they know how to sew or embroider, to see that you can still create great projects with this basic craft skill! 

Inner spread from String Craft showing Techniques

As with all good craft books, it begins with a basic ‘how-to’ section, demonstrating how to do basic stitches such as running stitch or blanket stitch.

Inner detail from the book String Craft showing a Wastepaper Basket

Following on from the basic techniques we head straight on to the wonderful projects themselves. I love that the essence of this book is about taking the ordinary and turning it in to something extraordinary. For example an ordinary mesh waste paper bin is completely transformed into an amazing decorative piece of homeware design. I also loved how plain plastic canvases had been turned into really pretty, geometric place mats and coasters! 

Inside spread from String Craft showing placemats and coasters

Each project comes with beautiful photos showing the finished crafted item, but also includes lots of great ‘how-to’ illustrations and close-up details. 

image of content from inside String Craft showing string art instructions

There are also plenty of ‘non sewing’ projects, such as the string art owl, but again, instead of it just being string art, the concept is pushed to a new level by adding lots of detail and design to your string wrapping skills. The finished project looks so beautiful that I can’t wait to have a go!

Inside spread from the book String Craft showing Geometric Gift Tags

If you are new to craft projects and think that the placemats or the string art look a bit challenging, or you are pushed for time and only want a quick little making activity, there are some smaller projects to try too, such as decorative geometric gift tags. I found this to be a wonderful book which I would highly recommend. Even my 6 year old daughter became completely engrossed in it; I think she may be a little young for it at the moment, but there is nothing quite like having aspirations to make bigger and better projects!

String Craft by Lucy Hopping
Published by CICO Books
RRP: £12.99

ISBN-10: 1782493611
ISBN-13: 978-1782493617