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Naked Cakes by Hannah Miles
For years, the cake has been encased in thick layers of icing, marzipan and jam, and then decorated. However, there has recently been a trend for simplicity; cakes ‘stripped back’ and decorated with fresh edible flowers and vibrant berries, or mixed with pastel shades to make the sponge itself the star of the show.
Stop, shop and socialise with your favourite artists, designers, makers at E17 Designers' annual autumn event.
David Shepherdson pen
'Wood is one of the few things that when dead can be brought back to life.' UK Handmade Portfolio Member David Shepherdson of Pens Unique talks about his love of woodturning and making pens from a grand piano.
Silk Poppy by Present Perfect Creations
We've all got our favourite shade of pink, from pale dusky hues to bright fushias. Here are a few pretty makes I found by members of our forum...Silk Poppy by Present Perfect Creations
Front cover of Big Hook Crochet
Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art
Wraps by Ulla Cronin
Drawing on a rich heritage of Scandinavian, English and Scottish knitware, Ulla Cronin's designs reflect her belief that everyday items should be beautifully made, practical and playful, cherished and enjoyed. Ulla's interest in traditional skills and love of natural fibres was formed by her childhood in Finland growing up surrounded by forests, fields and lakes.
TENT London 2015
Whether you be an architect, designer, journalist or whatever, design festivals are where you go to find something new or something different, something that you can’t find from the comfort of your desk. More often than not, those things come from independent designers. Tent London has been championing independent designers - both known and emerging - since it was founded in 2007. “What we’re interested in showing is good design,” says Tent director and co-founder Jimmy MacDonald.
Greyhound At Long Pit, Winchelsea Beach by Anna Wilson-Patterson
Our latest showcase features gorgeous Autumn themed items from talented UK creatives - here are a few of our favs, but you can view the whole showcase here
Heritage Craft Association
The Heritage Crafts Association is pleased to announce a call for applications for a suite of awards and bursaries recognising people working in traditional skills. A total of £24,000 is available and, for the third year, craftspeople in the UK are invited to apply for these awards and bursaries.
Front cover of Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts, and Socks
Review by Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art
UK Handmade, Lindleywood, bird box, wooden box, gift box, getting noticed
Struggling to get noticed?  UK Handmade portfolio member, Lindleywood, has been featured in many major UK magazines and newspapers, plus on national TV and radio. Helen Lindley tells us how.Image courtesy of Theo Paphitis #SBS
UK Handmade Autumn 2015
The hazy days of summer are slowly fading and the frosty, scarf-swathed days of autumn are drawing near. Get in the mood with our Autumn magazine, out now and packed with inspirational makers, useful business tips, fabulous finds and more. 
Front Cover of The Cookie Jar
Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art
Printed Partridge Cushion by Lisa Durrant Prints
I love this time of year when the birds are singing at the crack of dawn, our cabbages are being overrun with butterflies and destroyed their hungry offspring, and bees are sneakily hiding in the washing ready to sting us - all part and parcel of living in the countryside, right? Ah well, enjoy these lovely winged critters in handmade form instead, where they are just as delightful but a little better behaved...